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D'Juana Neal Stewart, a native Louisianian, has lived in nine (9) different parishes throughout Louisiana and a short time in Texas but has called Richland Parish home for over Thirty-five (35) years. She is married to Gene Stewart and together they have reared 3 daughters, Terri, Tonya and Apryle. They have two granddaughters, Madison Jene Mitchell and Olivia Rose Mitchell.

D'Juana retired from state government in May of 2006 after a 30 year career. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) in Sociology, studying abroad one semester. She is a Certified Public Manager, training and studying two years through the Governors' Office, Division of Administration through the Public Management Program of Louisiana State University(LSU). D'Juana is also a licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Certified Appraiser in Personal Property, a member of the Certified Appraiser's Guild of America and a partner with her husband in their Real Estate Investment company. She is a member of the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe and is on the Board of Directors of the Richland Arts Council.

Art in many forms has always been an important part of her life from creating the children's clothes she designs to drawing and painting. She has dabbled in visual arts as early as her junior high school years but only recently became serious about her art. After retiring from public service, she embarked on a journey to pursue this interest. In this pursuit, D'Juana met and began studying under a Michigan artist now living in Louisiana. This meeting lead her to a new medium, Watercolor. She has continued to work to turn out not only Prismacolor and Graphite drawings but now Watercolor paintings, while gaining more knowledge and learning new skills. With these newly acquired skills, she has begun to create the art she loves. She believes to create masterpieces like those we love and cherish from the old masters of the past we must learn their work by imploring their methods and attention given to details.

D'Juana has shown her art in local venues and juried art shows throughout the region. One of her first prismacolor pieces was juried into the Masur Museums 2007 Members Exhibition. Ten pieces of D'Juana's work was featured at the Rhymes Memorial Library in Rayville, Louisiana the entire month of September, 2008. She was "juried" into the 39th Annual River Road Show in Baton Rouge, A National Competiton and Exhibit sponsored by the Louisiana Art and Artists' Guild. This exhibit was held December 2008 through January 2009 at the State Archives Building in Baton Rouge.

As D'Juana continues her journey in art she has plans for a variety of paintings as well as a series of Louisiana Paintings. She does not limit her work to any one area but will draw or paint most any subject.

Commissions are welcomed!!